Top 8 Languages Which Can Get You A Job !

16 September 2015
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1. Java
Planning to be Java developer ? Then you are thinking right in this era atleast. Java Training during your degree or industrial can really be path defining for your career as fresher. Java is among the top most languages not only in popularity but also industrial requirement.  Java is an object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995.In a very short span Java has become it has gained huge popularity and also made large scale user portfolio. Java is platform independent, which means that programs made for Windows can be run on Mac OS and Linux, and vice versa. This feature makes java more powerful than other Programming languages. Java is the go-to language for most enterprise applications.Most senior developer positions require a working knowledge of Java and/or C. So students making their mind for Java Training are doing the right thing .
2. C Language

C language was developed in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs, and remains the oldest computer language language . But still this language has retained its value as the base of many other languages like  C#, C++, Java, Perl and JavaScript. So if your mentor is pressurising you to practice C, C++ and C# then he is doing the right thing.
C is powerful easily available and stable on virtually all platforms. Many popular languages like PHP and Python are written in C. This is the reason why C is one of the first languages taught to students, So that it can help students for learning other languages.
3. C++

As the time passed in the beginning of computerisation of world, scientist detected few shortcomings of C language , to counter these short comings C++ was developed with object-oriented programming features. It powers some of the most popular desktop applications in the world, including the Adobe software (Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop etc.), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Winamp.
4. C#
Microsoft in 2000 developed C# (” C Sharp “) as a fundamental part of its .NET framework. C-Sharp is an object-oriented and multi- paradigm programming language that combines the best of C and C++ and Learning C# is a must for any programmer who wants to develop for Microsoft platforms. Most of the iOS apps needs basic knowledge of C Sharp . So this can be an ideal choice of learning during your degree courses . An in depth knowledge and practice sessions can lead you to master C sharp thus equipping you to get industrial training easily and more efficiently.
5. Objective-C
Tom Love and Brad Cox developed Objective-C in 1983 at Apple to address the objected-oriented deficiencies of C language and Objective C is the primary language used in Apple OS X and iOS operating systems. The rush in popularity of Macs and Apple “i'” devices (like iPad and iPhone) has created a huge demand for Objective-C programmers and A working knowledge of Objective-C will help you develop application for iOS, which make a start for thousands of jobs in startups as well as big tech companies. As an Objective-C programmer, you can also create apps for iOS on your own and freelance. Industrial Training in iOS in Jalandhar has been launched successfully by Novo Technologies Zone, and the students with good knowledge with Objective-C has been its beneficiaries.
6. PHP
PHP (Processor Hypertext) is a server-side scripting language. Php has revolutionized the web space with its large span usage . There are more than 300 million websites using php as their server sside language. Major open source CMS  platforms like wordpress, Joomla , Drupal, Laravel. Created in 1995, PHP is one of the growing languages on this list.
PHP is relatively easy to learn and can be readily embedded within HTML pages which has made it the go-to general purpose programming language. The big demand for web application developers has led to a huge overflow in PHP jobs. Bone up PHP is often the first step to becoming a full-fledged web developer. Novo Technologies Zone is the top most institute providing Php Training in Jalandhar for Industrial Training and regular courses.
7. Python
Guido van Rossum developed Python scripting language . Python has enjoyed comeback in popularity in the last few years and now powers some of the most popular websites in the world, like Pinterest.com, Instagram.com and Rdio.com through its associated web framework, Django. Even Google has invested especially heavily in Python development in the last decade, which has further added to the language’s popularity (in fact, Python founder van Rossum was a Google employee from 2005 to 2012).
8. Ruby
Ruby was developed in 1995 by Yukihiro Matsumoto by combining aspect from Perl, Lisp and Eiffel. It is an object-oriented and dynamic language that emphasizes automation and simplicity. Ruby powers the Ruby on Rails framework, which is used on popular websites like Scribd, Github, Groupon, Yammer and Shopify. Many students new to programming also find Ruby comparatively easy to learn because of its simple syntax and English-like readability.


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