Why UI & UX so Important in Web Apps

28 September 2015
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UI means User Interface Design whereas UX design stands for User Experience Design in all web apps or websites . User Interface Design is focused on making user’s interaction and experience with your website or software more friendly , easy to use , easy to navigate and highlighting all core Call-to-Actions . Which means it needs to be a product of research and feedback from real users.

User Experience Design is the process ofenahancing UI’s usefulness , ease of use and more satisfaction for a user. User Experience encircles all characteristics of end user’s interactions with the company its services and product.

You can relate User Interface with graphical portion of a website whereas User Experience (UX) more with analytic based on user’s behavior on the site. Designer cannot think about UI without UX it seems as “writer writing a story without a thought”.

“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent”

UI has been a great informative device for human interactions which include display screens , mouse , light pen and touch panels. UI/UX plays a significant role in Mobile Application development . UI/UX in mobile application has to consider non-conventional aspects , for example, variety of deveices with different resolution , different types of Operating Systems in each mobile phone , their version etc.

Interaction between two different devices through a common mobile app can create havoc for user, so the designer has to think beyond conventional procedure of developing UI and UX.

Even industry leaders like Google trying to explain how a user interface with apps “this throw more fuel to the fire”. And as we know”Good Design Is Long Lasting”.

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Top Features of a Good UI/UX
The main purpose of the good user interface is to provide users with an understanding between user’s main motive and application functions in order to provide solution to given task. UI features are crucial for social media and social networking sites. Prime characteristics lead one towards creating good user interface.

  1. Simplicity  

“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent”

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2. Grab Attention At A First Glance

“A good teacher like a good entertainer first hold
his audiences attention, then he teaches his lesson”


3. User Privacy

” The worst thing about being famous is the invasion of your privacy”

4.  Attractive

“Solomons temple was designed to attractiveness of the city of his residence”

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